South Africa Family Holiday: Hermanus Whale Festival

South Africa Family Holiday Hermanus Whale Festival
We all want our family vacations to be unforgettable. We want our kids to say, “Remember that time when…” and talk about an incredible moment they had during a holiday with their parents. Beyond... read more »

Exploring the North-West province

The North-West province of South Africa was created after the end of the Apartheid in 1994, and includes parts of the former Transvaal and Cape Province. The most popular languages are Tswana and English. read more »

Exploring Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga, whose name means “the place where the sun rises”, is only slightly larger than the Czech Republic. Sitting on high plateaued grasslands, it borders Mozambique and Swaziland. The 4 million people that reside here speak... read more »

Read about Gauteng!

Home to some of the most recognizably named cities in South Africa, Gauteng is the smallest of all provinces. Here you will find the cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg. These popular urban centers attribute to... read more »

Learn about Limpopo!

Limpopo is the northernmost province and is about the size of Pennsylvania. It’s nearly 5.4 million population speaks mainly Sesotho, but you’ll also hear Xitsonga and Tshivenda too. Limpopo contains one of South Africa’s eight... read more »