Guga S’Thebe: A Cultural Center with Ideas for Progress

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Guga S Thebe

Guga S’Thebe is a community at its heart: A combination of partnerships, community participation, and social integration. The space offers a platform for local artists and various initiatives for the community, ranging from children’s music lessons to group gatherings. Upon first step into the colorfully-mosaicked center, you’ll be greeted by a flurry of unique arts, […]

South Africa’s Wine Country: the Best of the Best As Told By A South African Mamma

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In South Africa, wine is more than just an indulgent beverage that gives you a pleasant buzz. It’s a culture that fully embodies the spirit and soul of our country, ranging from the people who produce it to the land that brings it to life. I’m no stranger to a fine Cabernet — seeing as […]

Why do I Love South Africa? A Crash Course on My Passion

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sunset in the bush

I could go on and on about what makes South Africa so special—but I don’t think you came here to read a full-scale novel, so I’ll bring it down to six top reasons. Whether its random acts of kindness among South Africans or our globally influenced culinary scene, it seems I just can’t stop gleaming […]

Safari Basics: What to Expect on the Ultimate South African Adventure

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One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to travel more, and what better way to fulfill that sense of winter wanderlust than with a spectacular vacation in South Africa? Blessed by a mild sub-tropical climate, stunning coastline, majestic mountain ranges and the varied landscape of no less than 8 major geographical regions, this […]

South African Mamma’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Activities in Cape Town

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On the way up to Table Mountain

If there’s one thing South African Mamma knows best, it’s how to keep the kiddos entertained with activities that still manage to be fun for the adults. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Cape Town hosts a handful of nearby sights and must-see attractions. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly day hike or an afternoon at […]

A Love-Affair with Travel: An Interview with the CEO of South Africa Travel & Tours

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safari, adventure, south africa

Samantha West, CEO of South Africa Travel & Tours always knew that travel would be part of her future. Having herself grown up in South Africa, she was exposed to a variety of cultures and diverse landscapes which gave her an initial interest in connecting with different backgrounds and seeing the world through a different […]

6 South African Adventure Tours for the Adrenaline Junkie

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Cage Diving with Great Whites in South Africa

For most people, seeing majestic creatures like elephants and rhinos in the South African bush is plenty of adventure for one vacation. But for adrenaline junkies, a safari is the appetizer on an action-packed vacation menu loaded with adventure tours. We travel to collect experiences, but adventure travelers are in search of a feeling: a […]

Experience Rare Encounters with Rhinos in South Africa

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Where to See Rhinos in South Africa

There are enough activities and sights across South Africa to keep an itinerary packed for months. However, the primary reason a person makes the journey to South Africa is to go on safari. Visitors participating in game drives are eager to catch a glimpse of the rarest of the Big Five: the rhinoceros. Game drives […]

5 Featured Artists at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival

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Seu Jorge Cape Town Jazz Festival Bowie

Festival-goers and jazz fans around the world have heard of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival — one of the largest jazz festivals on the planet. The fest, which has a reputation for gathering some of the best musical talent from across the globe, is held annually in South Africa’s ‘Mother City.’ Combining jazz virtuosos […]

Can’t-Miss Sights at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival

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Must See at Grahamstown National Arts Festival

Less than 70 miles from Port Elizabeth on the Eastern Coast of South Africa, travelers have eleven days to view this ‘national treasure.’ Every year in June, the National Arts Festival attracts locals and tourists alike. South Africa’s rich cultural scene converges at this annual celebration of art, music, film and theater in Grahamstown. Grahamstown […]

The Best Hiking Trails in South Africa

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Best Hiking Trails in South Africa

South Africa is home to safaris, family holidays, exotic beach vacations, wine country getaways, music tourism, and adventure tourism. Adventure travel is a popular vacation niche for thrill-seekers. Popular adventure tours in South Africa include spelunking, bungee jumping, cave diving, shipwreck exploration, and cage diving with great white sharks. Hiking also qualifies as an adventure […]

South African Hops: The Budding Craft Beer Scene in Cape Town

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South Africa Craft Beer in Cape Town

A few media outlets have jokingly referred to Cape Town as “The Cape of Good Hops,” in reference to the city’s newfound notoriety in the craft beer scene. As with most other metropolitan cities, the craft beer revolution began just a few short years ago in Cape Town. Ten years ago there was one brewery […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Cape Town International Jazz Festival

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Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2018

Known as ‘Africa’s Grandest Gathering,’ the Cape Town International Jazz Festival doesn’t disappoint. Each year tens of thousands of festival-goers descend on Cape Town to experience one of the largest jazz festivals in the world. With past headliners such as Herbie Hancock, Isaac Hayes, Leela James, Mos Def, and Erykah Badu, the event alone is […]

What is the best time of year to visit South Africa?

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What is the Best Time to Visit South Africa?

The ‘best’ time of year to visit South Africa depends entirely on what you would like to see during your visit. South Africa has a number of activities for travelers to enjoy year round. Find the season in South Africa that’s right for you with this overview of each season’s benefits and tour highlights. Most […]

Only in South Africa: Experience The World’s Greatest Safaris, Jazz, and Wine

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Tour South Africa in March 2018

South Africa offers unique experiences that can only be found within the country’s borders. Travelers rightfully associate South Africa with safaris. It is one of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet. Most people with a travel ‘bucket list’ are dreaming of a safari, but South Africa Travel & Tours will bookend your travel […]

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