Spring in South Africa: The Best Shopping, Art Galleries, and Food

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Spring in South Africa: The Best Shopping, Dining, and Art Galleries

In September the Northern hemisphere prepares for the onset of fall with wooly scarves and cozy coats popping up in stores and ‘pumpkin spice’ appearing in our drinks, pastries, and scented candles. For some this a welcomed change, but for others who long for sunshine, blue skies, and sandy beaches, this signals the end of […]

South Africa’s Return Visitors Can’t Get Enough of the ‘Garden Route’

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Plan a Trip to South Africa's Garden Route

Your first trip to South Africa included a safari, a trip to the Apartheid Museum, in addition to shopping and sightseeing in Cape Town and a dozen other sights, restaurants, and activities that your well-meaning friends said you must see. Return visitors prefer a flexible itinerary. It’s for this reason that our first recommendation for […]

Inspiring South African Business Women Featured in Essence Festival Durban 2017 Lineup

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South Africa's Titan of Business Phuti Mahanyele

The Essence Festival started in 1994 as a one-time event in New Orleans to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Essence magazine. With the tagline of “Where Black Women Come First,” Essence is the only magazine that revolves entirely around the black woman experience. The 2017 Essence Festival Durban will take place September 26 – October […]

How to Prepare for Your First Safari

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How to Prepare for Your First Safari

While nothing can brace you for the sights and sounds of your first South African safari, approaching your adventure with a few key pieces of information will keep you safe and comfortable during your first experience in “the bush.” Top 10 Questions from Safari First-Timers, Answered 1. What documents will I need to travel? You […]

Your Ultimate Winter Getaway: South Africa

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Ultimate Winter Getaway: South Africa

During the heat and humidity of the summer months north of the equator, it is often challenging to visualize your winter getaway. It’s so easy to forget that not long after the leaves fall, the wintery mix of snow and sleet arrives. Beat the winter blues by making plans to follow summer as it drifts […]

Explore the Untouched Coast of South Africa

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Travel the Western and Eastern Coasts of South Africa

In recent years, a world of vacationers has turned into a world of travelers. “Vacation” means different things to different people. Not all travelers are seeking crowds, can’t-miss sights, or structured itineraries. There are a number of travelers who want to know where everyone is and what they’re doing, so they can slip away in […]

Top 5 Museums in South Africa

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The Best Museums in South Africa

South Africa is known for its safaris and abundance of outdoor adventures. Travelers often come to South Africa seeking elephants, lions, giraffes, and even whales. Ziplining, bungee jumping, hiking grand waterfalls, snorkeling and diving rank high on the list of sightseeing priorities. The average length of stay for an international tourist in South Africa is […]

South Africa Music Festivals: Let’s Celebrate

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Essence Festival Durban 2017, Joy of Jazz Festival 2017

South Africa knows how to have a good time. If the beautiful beaches, once-in-lifetime adventures, and incredible food and wine aren’t enticing enough for you: the country is also home to dozens of music festivals throughout the year. South Africans and festival tourists from across the globe travel to see their favorite artists perform against […]

Traveling to South Africa: What to Expect

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Is South Africa Safe?

Before choosing a vacation destination to an exotic locale, all travelers are guilty of conducting the following search: “Is [Insert Name of Country] safe?” Such an open-ended question will always turn up a few less-than-flattering results. It’s important to feel safe and be informed when planning a vacation to a new destination. It’s equally important […]

South Africa Family Holiday: Hermanus Whale Festival

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South Africa Family Holiday Hermanus Whale Festival

We all want our family vacations to be unforgettable. We want our kids to say, “Remember that time when…” and talk about an incredible moment they had during a holiday with their parents. Beyond the memories, we also want to expose our children to eye-opening experiences that encourage them to see their world in a […]

5 Unique Experiences in South Africa

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cape point, cape peninsula, travel south africa

South Africa sits on the tip of a beautifully diverse continent. Unfortunately the 54 individual countries that make up the 12 million square miles of Africa are lumped into a small group of stereotypes and misconceptions in the minds of many would-be travelers. Some of the best holiday destinations in South Africa are unique not only […]

6 Family Vacation Hotspots in South Africa

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hot air balloon

South Africa isn’t just for newlyweds or single travelers; families alike enjoy the activities that surround this beautiful region. The rich landscape offers site seeing into the most intriguing national parks, lush vineyards, and relaxing beaches that family vacationers can expect.  So, what are you and your family longing for on a vacation? Whether it’s […]

A Harvest to Fall In Love With- Franschhoek Vineyards

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South Africa wines and winery

Make your next trip to South Africa an educational feast with fine wine and savory meal sections fit for a king. During your tour through the lush and plentiful vineyards of Franschhoek, you will experience hand-crafted blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot, and many more. Plus, you will also get to experience exclusive tastings […]

Explore Ancient Forests in South Africa

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Long ago much of the south western Cape and Southern Africa was a palm forest. But changing rainfall patterns and climates caused more robust trees to replace the palms creating expansive forests. The old forests are still evident in 0.5% of Africa, hidden in sheltered areas. We’ve gone ahead and located where you can find […]

Destination Weddings in South Africa

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Destination Weddings have become increasingly popular. Couples can choose to explore a new place or share somewhere special with loved ones. They are the perfect opportunity for both the newlyweds and guests to spend extra time and take a vacation. South Africa’s unique landscape makes it a prime spot for destination weddings. Whether you want to be surrounded by […]

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