Durban and Kwa Zulu Natal Province

With 3.5 million people. Durban is South Africa’s third largest city and a popular tourist destination thanks to its sub-tropical climate, pristine beaches and warm ocean. Its port is one of the busiest on the continent and there’s always something happening in the city. Durban is known as the home of the Zulu nation, but its British colonial veneer and large Indian populace make it a cosmopolitan experience like none other.

Shopping In Durban

The Gateway Shopping Center is the largest mall in the Southern Hemisphere with over 350 world-class stores, more than 50 restaurants and 18 cinemas. It’s joined by the Pavilion Shopping Center, known for great deals on jewelry, clothing and gadgets of all types. La Lucia Mall may be the smallest of the three but its sophistication and selection is hard to beat.

Durban Activities

While in the city, you’ve got an astounding number of things to do. The Sea World aquarium is popular for good reason while Moses Mabhiba Stadium’s arch and big swing are truly unique. Go for a scenic drive in the Valley of A 1000 Hills or stroll through the gorgeous Durban Botanical Gardens. With the sheer variety of urban and natural sights, you’ll never be bored there.