Johannesburg (also known as Joburg or Jozi) is where most Europeans and Americans first touch down in South Africa, a bustling metropolis with over 4.4 million citizens. Johannesburg’s proximity to nature reserves, botanical gardens and archeological sites makes it a fantastic destination in its own right and it’s just one of the places that you can visit with South Africa Travel and Tours.

Activities and Sights in Johannesburg

Visiting Johannesburg means being spoiled for choice when it comes to historical, cultural and natural sights. There are curated tours of many locations and the more adventurous can guide themselves through many of these places.

Soweto Tour:This tour provides travelers with an in-depth look at the struggle against Apartheid. You’ll visit the Apartheid and Hector Pieterson Museums and Mandela’s House.

Constitutional Hill:Visiting one of South Africa’s toughest prisons will give you a unique perspective of Johannesburg and its history along with a spectacular view of the city and the suburbs.

Newtown:One of Johannesburg’s biggest cultural centers, the Newtown precinct features multiple venues where live music, dramatic presentations, exhibitions and experimental take place.

Carlton Center:You can take in views of Joburg and its surrounding neighborhoods from the top of the tallest building in Africa.

Market Theater:Upcoming artists and musicians frequently break out at the Market complex, which contains three beautiful theaters, two art galleries, multiple restaurants and bars and a world-famous jazz club.

Cradle Of Humankind:Visit the home of 20 different archaeological sites where fossils millions of years old have been found.

Sterkfontein Caves:Another archeological site, these caves consist of six chambers and a legendary underground lake.

Lion Park: A favorite of locals and visitors alike, this is a beautiful breeding ground and sanctuary for lions and a host of herbivores.

Johannesburg Shopping Malls

Johannesburg has some of the best shopping in Africa, with three renowned shopping malls that cover the gamut of their customer’s needs.

Sandton City Mall:Located in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, the Santdon City mall is known for high-end stores, national and international chains, cinemas and outdoor dining.

Rosebank Mall: The shopping hub of Rosebank is known for its retail stores, movie theaters and restaurants with outdoor seating.

Rosebank African Market:This craft market adjoins the Rosebank Mall and offers visitors an unmatched selection of local art and curios.