Destination: Croatia

Picture yourself sipping a morning coffee with striking views of Dubrovnik’s old town, backed by the jewel-blue waters of the Adriatic coastline. Do you feel the stress of work, family commitments, children slowly dissipate. I know I did!

Croatia is one of those countries that has something for everyone in the family from

  • Food lovers, you’ll revel in farm-to-table food and drink at some of Europe’s finest wine estates. Family-owned, secluded restaurants away from the tourist buzz are my go-to inclusion for travelers in Croatia, and they’ve always received rave reviews.
  • Sightseeing,
  • Yacht cruises, island hopping, and sunset dinners on secluded beaches are a few of the aquatic delights that Croatia has to offer. That’s right — yachts! With over 1200 nearby islands to explore, it’s your time to shine. The choice might seem overwhelming, but fear not, I’ve got you covered on which remote island paradise is the very best for your tastes. Love it so much that you want to stay onshore in a private villa? We can do that.
  • truffle hunting,
  • island-hopping
  • Unesco heritage sights
  • So much to offer that it’s actually quite difficult for me to compose a summary.

Now, imagine how exciting that becomes when you visit in real life…

Back on land, They’re exclusive as can be, oftentimes closed to the public for your own privacy and enjoyment. Since each region of Croatia has completely different offerings, I’ll tailor your itinerary based on your individual passions.

I am excited to help you start planning your next vacation.

Croatia brown wall
Greenn pond walkway

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