Detailed Itinerary

To start your day, enjoy a relaxing morning aboard a cruise on the Chobe River. Located along the northeast corner of the park, flowing toward Victoria Falls, the river serves as habitat for a wide range of birds, mammals and reptiles. In the dry season, elephants, cape buffalos and giraffes regularly congregate at the water’s edge.

Sit back, relax and be sure to keep your binoculars within reach. Each expedition offers a unique wildlife viewing experience. You may see a large herd of elephants with their tiny frolicking calves in tow, or you might catch a glimpse of the frighteningly large crocodiles that sun themselves along the banks.

Next, jump into an open safari vehicle for a scenic drive through Chobe Game Reserve. As the most biologically diverse park in Africa, Chobe is home to a dazzling array of wildlife and birdlife. Live your wildest safari dreams on this escapade, before stopping off for a relaxing lunch.

Later, take a guided canoe adventure along the Upper Zambezi River, above Victoria Falls. The river – which is the fourth longest in Africa – rivals the Mighty Mississippi in terms of its expansiveness and sheer beauty. Paddle along the river’s lush banks and encounter the African wildlife.

*Note: Passport is required and visa conditions may apply.